Design Services

Design Services

If your job is a custom home, residential development, agricultural or commercial buildings, we can handle it.

We offer building designers, engineers, architects and contractors with design services to predesign roof trusses to incorporate in their proposal.

We provide roof truss layouts and individually stamped and approved engineered truss designs, leading to a more efficient design process while making it easier to secure building permits.

At Peterborough Truss and Floor we have five designers with over 100 years of experience. Whether the design is traditional or exotic, we can build what you need. And what’s more, our designers will make it easy to install the trusses, they’ll reduce production waste, and they’ll cut your costs.

Here’s how easy it is:

  • You provide the relevant details, including architectural drawings, blueprints, building plans and ideas, building specifications, load factors, shape and span of the trusses and truss support. Let us know about any special requirements, such as A/C units on the roof.
  • We design the roof and floor trusses to your specifications with the intent of maximizing performance while minimizing costs.
  • We provide schematics and layout drawing to assist you in obtaining permits. Once you have all the approvals, we provide complete instructions for assembling our systems on site.
  • We design all trusses based on applicable building codes for your specific area and application. All trusses are accompanied by Engineer Sealed Documentation.

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