Custom Projects

If you have a custom building (commercial, agricultural, residential, or upgrade to an existing structure), we can probably help you design a cost effective solution to meet your unique needs. 

Advantages of using Custom Truss Solutions:

  • Vaulted ceilings are easily made while attic trusses are designed to provide living areas within the roof space.
  • Wood trusses are very versatile and compatible with other structural products. They can be connected to other trusses (i.e. girder trusses) or combined with other components, such as glulam, LVL, PSL and steel beams.
  • In North America, wood roof trusses are commonly supported on concrete or masonry walls using simply installed connections to join the roof to the walls.
  • Hinged connector plates used with mono-pitch trusses allow modular homes to be assembled with conventional roof pitches, greatly enhancing their appearance.

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